Destinations :: Lesotho

Destinations :: Lesotho
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Lesotho’s smooth rolling hills and intermittent rocky crags, and the way each mountain’s many shades of green reflect a sheen onto the unfettered landscape will leave you breathless. Meeting Lesotho’s people, who are warm and quietly affectionate individuals with a great sense of grace and pride, will create memories you won’t soon forget. Perhaps it is this purity that makes this destination such a gift to the open-hearted traveller. Or maybe it’s Lesotho’s way of leading your inner explorer back in time, enabling the rediscovery of a fading existence that many in the West yearn for.

My two-week trip covered all three of the country’s terrains. Two-thirds of Lesotho is covered by an unpopulated mountainous region, which is then bordered by a zone of foothills where crop farming and herding takes place. The lowland belt, also fertile land and where most people live, dominates areas like Maseru, the capital city.

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