Destinations :: Holy Fire Lit Place, Ruicheng China

Destinations :: Holy Fire Lit Place, Ruicheng China
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Photos: Cao Baiqiang and Zeng Tianpei, Courtesy Urbanus Architecture and Design


A spectacle of modern design, intriguing architecture, and also a unique archeological site, the Holy Fire Lit Place in Ruicheng, China, was updated to its current configuration to coincide with the 2019 2nd Youth Games of the People’s Republic of China. The site is significant in that it offers evidence of the first human use of fire, dating back over 1.8 million years.

The architecture firm Urbanus, who designed and constructed the modern interpretation of this cultural destination, was faced with the challenge of reimagining the site without disturbing the archaeological stratum. Their design incorporated the existing viewing platform to the extent that major disturbances to the site would be minimized. The build was completed using glass-fiber-reinforced concrete, with a mix of off-site prefabrication and on-site manual forming.


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