Destination :: Trona Pinnacles

Destination :: Trona Pinnacles
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If spectacular desert landscapes get your heart racing, you should add Trona Pinnacles to your bucket list and make sure to bring your camera when you go. Trona Pinnacles is located on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) managed land near Ridgecrest, California, southwest of Death Valley National Park in the expansive California desert.

What is Trona Pinnacles? Trona Pinnacles is a collection of over 500 calcium carbonate (otherwise known as tufa) spires that rise as much as 140 feet from the dry Searles Lake Basin. The pinnacles are so unique that they were designated as a National Natural Landmark by the US Department of the Interior in 1968 in an effort to preserve what is one of the best geological specimens of tufas in North America.

The Geology of Trona Pinnacles The Trona Pinnacles were formed between 10,000 and 100,000 years ago when Searles Lake had water in it. It was one of many interconnected lakes collecting water originating in the Ow.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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