Death in the Desert

Death in the Desert
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By Nena Barlow
Photos by Nena Barlow and Dan Holmes

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One of the best things you can learn how to do is to learn to assess things subjectively and pay attention to the changing conditions around you. These skills are important anywhere, but especially when your party is the only one within an hour or more. The more remote I am, the less likely I am to take chances with bad weather, bad roads, or just some hair-brained idea to try. This storm on the horizon changed my mind about proceeding farther that day into a remote area with otherwise easy roads. 

Last week, one of our guests died. He was found just a half a mile from his Jeep, dead of dehydration and heat-related illness. It was preventable. It was unnecessary. It was the result of  bad decisions. I am sharing the details of his story with you, in the hopes that it will help prevent similar tragedies in the future. 

Mr. Jones (not his real name) had never rented from .... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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