Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel 414 Stove | Field Tested

Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel 414 Stove | Field Tested
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There are people who love old Triumph motorcycles and classic Italian sports cars, and for good reason. These machines were design icons in their time, and they force the user to become active and essential participants in the experience. For every thrilling apex, acceleration, wind in your hair corner, there is a greasy oil puddle to nurture back to life. The equivalent of the Coleman Stove is a Land Rover Series 3 with a V8 engine, soft top, British Racing Green. It won’t thrill you, but it has the potential to be powerful and impressive—if the carbs are tuned correctly, the spark plugs are set just right, the vacuum advance is doing its job, and the coil and distributor have ended the ceasefire. You will either love it or hate it and maybe not for the reason which you suspect. But either way, you are forced to become a participant in the experience.

The Coleman Stove has the potential to deliver enough BTU to heat a skillet red hot and cook the perfect steak. It.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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