Caught Up in the COVID-19 Crisis in Saudi Arabia

Caught Up in the COVID-19 Crisis in Saudi Arabia
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A life on the street, a life in a van—after more than four years in Africa, we thought that nothing and nobody could stop us. But then came coronavirus.

Africa We spent 1,561 formative days on the African continent, and every country left its mark—a total of 36 countries, 49 border crossings, and countless roadblocks with corrupt officials issuing citations for anything they could think of, including the windscreen water container, to justify extracting some money from us. The AK47(Kalashnikov) is as much a part of the streetscape as umbrellas in Germany’s autumn. Small talk with the military and the police defined our everyday life as much as bizarre landscapes, fascinating encounters with humans and animals, and wild camping spots in the most curious of places. 

In mid-February of 2020, we wistfully depart Africa by ferry from Sudan, and at the same time are excited to discover everything a new continent has to offer. But by now, the term COVID.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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