[Big Bend] Above the Clouds Backpacking in the Chisos Mtns and Terlingua Abajo Campfire – Vol.3 [4K]

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“Now and then we hear the wilder voices of the wilderness, from animals that in the hours of darkness do not fear the neighborhood of man: the coyotes wail like dismal ventriloquists, or the silence may be broken by the snorting and stamping of a deer.” Theodore Roosevelt 12:15 – We enjoyed the morning, broke camp, and were headed to complete the South Rim Loop! It couldn’t have been a more perfect spring, sunny day, with flora and fauna in bloom all around us. It is always special to encounter deer who are reciprocally interested in you. 12:45 – another special part of this hike was feeling the atmosphere and realizing something special may lay in store over the next peak.. But we weren’t prepared for this. We sat and watched the clouds dance along the rocks, and enjoyed second breakfast. It was quite wild to think the island across the ocean of clouds was the mountains near Boquillas, where we’d been not twenty-four hours earlier. 14:10 Something about Sami walking down an aisle was a shot I was compelled to film. I’m happy to say, a year and a half later, we got married… I knew it right from the start. We are always interested in any suggestions you may have, of new places for us to check out. Enjoy the rest of the view on the South Rim Trail and the sounds of Mozart’s Menuetto’s 1 and 2 from the 41st Symphony, as performed by the talented _____. 16:20 – at long last, we came upon our starting point, and celebrated with a refreshing beverage. 17:48 – As we reached our campsite at Terlingua Abajo, we were served a nice teaser of the Southern mouth of Santa Elena Canyon, where we were preparing to spend the next three days embarked on a canoe. 18:00 – we prepared our camp and got right to cooking as the clouds danced above the canyon mesa 18:24 – Sami showcased her adept knifework with the ol’ KA-Bar, and we set forth in grilling our meal for the night.

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