Amphibians on the Zambezi

Amphibians on the Zambezi
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Northwestern Zambia is covered in soggy floodplains and even soggier drainage wetlands, sandwiched between endless acres of strangling forest. Deep below the surface, however, are rich deposits of copper ore which have long been attracting teams of exploration geologists to this inhospitable land. They are sent in for months on end, armed with canned food, geological maps, and sample bags to fill with soil. The bags are then sent back to labs to test whether their geologists’ noses are indeed sniffing out the copper or not. But even with highly trained professionals and the latest technology, finding copper is no easy task when a thick blanket of younger sandy regolith covers most of the bedrock in which the ore lies. Projects are often abandoned to go off and search in a new area. But for these lucky explorers, paid adventure is had in wild places very few are fortunate enough to visit.

Getting in and out of these remote areas is left up to a doggedly reliable fleet of .... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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