A Journey to the Arctic Circle

A Journey to the Arctic Circle
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We put our finger on the map, packed the car, and left the UK on a rainy Thursday evening. Not the most memorable start to an adventure, but after spending the previous two weeks converting the inside of our Land Rover Defender from a tired utility truck into a home on wheels, we couldn’t wait to hit the road. 

But we only managed to drive 500 kilometres before we hit a pothole and were struck by an almost uncontrollable “death wobble.” After managing to gain control, we eventually limped our way to the nearest garage that was more than happy to help us put the vehicle back together. 

After eight hours of replacing bearings, seals, bushes, and rods, we turned the key and continued heading north in search of oceans and snow-capped mountains, making sure to give any potholes a wide berth whenever we saw them. 


Before long, we’d made our way up to Bergen and explored around the endless Norwegian Fjord.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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