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Nearly ready to splash, we make a last minute decision to drill a huge hole in our boat!! https://www.sailingnandji.com In this episode, Nandji is getting closer to splash day. The major keel work is complete and the bottom has been painted with a barrier coat ready for anti fouling. With only 5 days until splash day, we decide to drill a huge hole in the boat!! Ever since buying Nandji, we have steadily been upgrading her as we continue to sail. One area that we have just been "making do" with, has been the way we gauge the depth of the water below Nandji. Our depth sounder was ancient and it worked 30% of the time. This making life a little more difficult than it should be!! But not anymore!!! If you are enjoying our videos, sign up to Patreon to help support us, our production and the adventures. You will get Exclusive videos, rewards on offer and engage with us more personally! https://www.patreon.com/Nandji If you would like to contribute towards Nandj videos, please us.... Continue Reading at Sailing Nandji

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