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Get started today with Storyblocks http://storyblocks.com/VanWives This video is sponsored by Storyblocks TRADING VAN LIFE for FARM LIFE (full tour) British Columbia, Canada In this weeks van life vlog were ditching van life for farm life! ... you heard that right!! We’re in beautiful British Columbia (Canada) and we’ve parked the van in exchange to get our hands dirty and embrace farm life, its a change from our regular full time off grid van life and we’re loving having our camper van home on the farm next to the bus life people and a couple van friends. Oh and the best part an awesome new van to tour, hope you enjoy the van tour (full tour). It’s an experience and an opportunity to become more connected with the food we eat, thanks for watching another Vanwives vlog :-) Jamie & Lisa’s channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCVIc3Qh8oS4EqPkj6UaePXA Join the Patreon Pack HERE! For exclusive content, live streams, and MORE! https://www.patreon..... Continue Reading at Van Wives

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