Climbing North Africa’s Highest Peak in 24 Hours

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If we gave you 24 hours to summit the highest peak in North Africa would you give it a try?! SHOP OUR NEW MERCH NOW: 50% of our profits will be donated to @MrBeast 's Team Seas project 🌊 💜 ► SUBSCRIBE for a new video every single Sunday ► The vlog continues on Instagram​​​​ Friends featured in this episode: @Kara and Nate Watch Nate's climb: Aaron, Lisi & Jacky Watch this video from Jacky's view 🐕 1:08 Our Special Guest Arrives 😳 2:03 Time to Shop!! 2:52 The CRAZY Drive to Imlil 3:25 Meeting the locals 5:34 Nate's got to climb ALONE! 6:03 Getting heatlhy 🌱 💪 6:38 What to pack?! 7:40 What to wear? 8:15 The adventure begins!! 9:21 Scariest drive of our lives! 9:46 Meet the summit squad 12:20 The struggle begins 14:36 Home for the night 15:33 WE'VE GOT MERCH!.... Continue Reading at Aemon & Bec

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