Winter Outdoor Retailer 2020 Climbing Report

Winter Outdoor Retailer 2020 Climbing Report
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I made a quick trip down to the Winter OR + Snow show in Denver for its last day. I hadn’t been to the Winter Show in a couple of years, and one thing became immediately apparent: there are very few climbing brands attending this show anymore. It always used to be more focused on winter sports, but since it became the Outdoor + Snow show, it appears most of the climbing retailers are only going to the summer show. That being said, there weren’t many brands to check out, but here’s a quick look at some fun new gear that’s coming out in fall of 2020.

Patagonia The DAS Parka, gone for three seasons, is back. Weighing 19.5 ounces, it uses 133 grams of Primaloft Gold insulation Eco. Compressibility was a big concern for the redesign, as no one wants a giant belay parka that takes up most of their pack. Also, it features a plastic zipper for improved functionality in cold conditions. Retail is $499.

They also had the DAS Light Hoody, basicall.... Continue Reading at Splitterchoss

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