Why Climbing’s Most Absurd Film is Also Its Most Important

Why Climbing’s Most Absurd Film is Also Its Most Important
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One of my favorite boulder problems in the world is the “Rebirthing Simulator” in Yosemite, in which a climber begins at the top of the boulder, climbs headfirst down an off-width crack, squirms through a pinch in the rock with your ass nearly dabbing on the ground, and then climbs up and out the other side. It’s a completely absurd exercise and an exercise in embracing the complete absurdity of climbing. You literally can’t do this boulder problem without laughing the entire way.

Come to think of it, some of my favorite pitches are also like this. I was in stitches the first time I did the Thank God Traverse on Half Dome. Anytime crawling is involved on a big multi-pitch, I’m so here for it.

Man, climbing can feel really fucking serious these days! The prigs have been holding court on their Instagram stories—which I’ve now taken to gleefully muting—and judiciously bowdlerizing any wrong-think from climbing’s .... Continue Reading at Evening Sends

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