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In this video I go over 5 tips for training for a 14er. These mountains require quite specific training to maximize speed and efficiency and many people train the wrong way! If you are serious about climbing 14ers (or 13ers for that matter), these tips should be useful to you. If you are a very experienced ultra-endurance athlete, these tips may be underwhelming, however for the rest of us, hopefully are useful. Tip 1: 0:21 Tip 2: 6:18 Tip 3: 13:19 Tip 4: 16:54 Tip 5: 18:14 If you are further interested in exploring Tip 2 and 3 more in-depth, look into Steve House's (@Uphillathlete) book, "Training for the New Alpinism." Any modern mountain athlete has either read or heard of this book. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that subscribe button! Likes and comments are always acknowledged and appreciated! I am an beginner, amateur cinematographer and love feedback in what I can improve in. Media inquiries: Get $40 off an Airbnb:

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