Ten Sleep with a Baby

Ten Sleep with a Baby
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I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, as we took this trip in August, but better late than never!

Heading down after a great day at the crag.

How do I even begin to describe this trip? So many unknowns came together in the most beautiful way possible to create a trip I will always remember with a heart full of gratitude. We’d taken R climbing enough times to know we could make that part happen, and we’d taken her on one two-day camping trip before this to get our systems dialed. But how would all the pieces fit being on the road for two weeks with a 6-month-old? What about the long car ride? And then of course there was all the bolting drama on top of it.

Well, the short version is that it was amazing. We’d spent a week there the year before, when Tracy was pregnant, and the whole time we were also keeping an eye towards what it would be like with an infant. We left confident that the Rock Ranch would be an ideal spot with a little .... Continue Reading at Splitterchoss

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