Rope Talk: Why use double ropes?

Rope Talk: Why use double ropes?
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Today CEO and Womenclimb Founder, Emily Pitts, talks double ropes, and specifically why she uses them:

“What’s the point of half ropes, I don’t understand!” This is something I hear regularly, so for anyone not sure or wanting to check some of the reasons for using half ropes rather than a single rope, then hopefully this will shed some light on some on the pros, cons and considerations:


Reduce rope drag

Most climbing routes aren’t straight. Because of this, it’s easier and safer to protect the route using two half ropes. With two ropes, you can clip protection on one side with one rope and on the other side, the other rope. This means that the ropes can run nice and straight. This reduces the chances of your rope dragging your gear out due to tension as you move up your route.&n.... Continue Reading at Women Climb

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