Pride in Climbing

Pride in Climbing
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It’s Pride Month, a time to reflect on progress, celebrate the wins and look forward to the future. Second on Womenclimb’s list of core values after ‘Support’ is ‘Celebration: we will celebrate all women & challenge all stereotypes’. Implicit in this statement is challenging stereotypes around gender and sexuality, which we work hard to do. 

In light of this, we’ve spoken with our Founder & CEO, Emily Pitts, who shares some of her own experiences to stimulate discussion around LGBTQ+ issues in the outdoor industry. 

How do you feel the climbing community has treated you as an LGBTQ woman?  That’s not a simple question to answer. Honestly, I don’t feel like people in the climbing community care who I sleep with, but there is definitely a default ‘straight’ assumption, and perhaps that’s the thing that I would like people to think about more often. In my he.... Continue Reading at Women Climb

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