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What has ‘noticing’ got to do with climbing? Does it surprise you that ‘noticing’ is a powerful way for us to develop as climbers? It’s something many of us rarely take the time to do in a conscious way, because why would we? Life is busy and we want to be out there doing the thing we love – climbing! The idea of taking time to notice is often alien to our lifestyles – built to maximise our productivity and squash in as much adventure, fun and activity as possible. But noticing really does have the power to transform every aspect of our lives, including our climbing, and so today we invite you to consider noticing how your body and mind feel as you explore this fascinating concept with Emily Pitts, Womenclimb Founder & CEO. 

The first time I picked up on this interesting idea of noticing was during climbing coaching training with a climber whom I respect deeply, Katherine Schirrmacher. During our day-lo.... Continue Reading at Women Climb

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