Ice Climbing Adventure – The Pencil | Vail, Colorado

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In this video, I share the adventure of Sterl and I's ice climb up the Pencil in Vail, Colorado. The Pencil is rated a WI4 climb, located a few hundred feet above the Spiral Staircase, rated a WI3 climb. We hiked past the Fang (WI6) and the Rigid Designator (WI5) to the base of the Spiral Staircase. We then climbed the Spiral Staircase and then hiked up to the Pencil. We climbed the Pencil a few times and then descended via the Spiral Staircase using extended rappels. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that subscribe button! Likes and comments are always acknowledged and appreciated! I am a beginning amateur videographer and love feedback in what I can improve in. Special thanks to my climbing partner Sterl. Ice climbing is a dangerous activity, so ensure you have proper training and instruction before attempting it. The Fang (WI6) - 1:44 The Spiral Staircase (WI3) - 2:46 The Pencil (WI4) - 6:44 Gear List: Camera - Lens - Microphone - GoPro - Drone - Media inquiries: Get $40 off an Airbnb (I get a small commission if you click this, so a win-win!):

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