How to Care for Climbing Ropes: Part 1 – What causes damage?

How to Care for Climbing Ropes: Part 1 – What causes damage?
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Buying your first rope or set of ropes is a big investment. You’re investing in your personal safety and security as a climber by spending a big chunk of your hard-earned cash. A rope is probably the single biggest investment you’ll make and it’s easy to feel that your investment ends there, but it doesn’t. If you care for your rope, it will look after you and last longer. In this article we are looking at how to care for your ropes, to give them the longest life, starting with some of the main culprits that cause rope damage, so that you can prevent problems before they begin. 

#1 Chemicals It’s surprising how much hidden damage can be done to a rope by chemicals, including household cleaning products. One of the worst culprits is battery acid. At the crag, we regularly use sunscreen and midge spray. These, too, are chemicals that can cause degradation of the integrity of your rope. When chemicals attack your ropes.... Continue Reading at Women Climb

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