Grim Forecast for Himalaya, Karakorum

Grim Forecast for Himalaya, Karakorum
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While operators cling to a shred of optimism, the forecasts are not bright for the Greater Ranges in the months ahead. Nepal has just extended the country’s lockdown until May 18, and the borders are closed at least until May 31, according to the Department of Immigration. With the spring a write-off and the monsoon looming, a limited autumn season is the best we can hope for. Even this is doubtful, as experts predict a second wave of COVID-19 to hit the northern hemisphere this fall.     Meanwhile, in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a relative easing of lockdown measures beginning this Saturday, despite the country’s 1,754 new cases and 35 new fatalities. But even more than many other countries, Pakistan’s population desperately needs to resume work in order to survive: The state simply can’t cover the needs... .... Continue Reading at Explorers Web

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