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Ellingwood Point is a 14,042 foot mountain located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range in the Rio Grande National Forest, in the state of Colorado. The mountain is named after mountaineer Albert Ellingwood (1887-1934), an early pioneer of Colorado mountain climbing. Lake Como Road: 0:47 Lake Como Approach: 1:07 Lake Como Camp: 2:42 Snowshoe Trek: 3:47 Blue Lakes: 4:27 Crater Lake: 5:10 South Face Ascent: 6:34 Ellingwood-Blanca Ridge: 8:04 Ellingwood Point Summit: 9:09 Summit Drone Footage: 10:29 We took Lake Como Road up to Lake Como, set up camp by sunset, had a restless night, ran out of propane, limiting food and water, and then took off for Ellingwood Point the following morning. We ascended the South Face of Ellingwood Point to gain the Blanca-Ellingwood ridge, then traversed over to the summit of Ellingwood Point. Gear: Camera: https://amzn.to/2RR6B1E Like, comment, and/or subscribe to support my channel for future content! Media inquiries: wannabealpinist@gmail.com Get $40 off an Airbnb (I get a small commission if you click this, so a win-win!): https://www.airbnb.com/c/rahuls1782?currency=USD&referral_share_id=219e89f5-9772-4f06-b3df-14d94512a159

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