Cancel the Whole30 Diet

Cancel the Whole30 Diet
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When thinking about dieting or trying to lose weight in order to be a better climber, you don’t need to pick a diet that never lets you eat beans, potatoes, fruit, or anything else. Just eat real food. In general, a diet based on vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, lean proteins, and whole grains is about as healthy as you can get. The key to losing weight happens in a calorie deficit. While again, specific diets have not been studied for climbing performance, I would guess based on research and clinical judgment that climbers on keto diets have decreased climbing performance. If they feel stronger with a keto diet, it may be because they lost a bit of weight, but not because they are in ketosis. Dieting can also lead to hyper-awareness of food intake. Portion sizes, types of food, hunger levels, and more can become all-consuming if the diet isn’t carefully managed. This can lead to eating disorders or disordered eating patterns. Two research studies lo.... Continue Reading at Evening Sends

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