Bodyweight Training for Climbers

Bodyweight Training for Climbers
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While we recommend that strength training using additional weights should be done on its own, bodyweight exercises can be performed as part of the warm-up or at the end of a climbing session. As with climbing-specific strength training, we recommend starting general strength training with a higher number of repetitions at lower loads so you can learn the techniques and movements. Then, as you progress, you can increase the load and reduce the number of repetitions per set. We have mainly chosen exercises that activate several muscle groups at the same time because this reflects the complexity of climbing, where we use multiple parts of the body. We have also chosen exercises that are primarily aimed at muscles that work in the opposite direction to what we encounter in climbing, so as to create balance in our training.

PUSH-UPS Push-ups are a good exercise for your shoulders, arms, and chest. For the elbows and shoulders, push-ups train the opposite movements to what we .... Continue Reading at Evening Sends

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