A Brief Climbing History of Nepal’s Highest Peaks

A Brief Climbing History of Nepal’s Highest Peaks
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Mount Everest The first official expedition to aim for the top of Mt. Everest (8,848 m) set off in 1921. Nepal was not open to foreigners during these early attempts, so the North Col from Tibetan side was the only option. On this first attempt, the team reached 7,000m. Then in 1922, a British team reached 8,000m, but no higher. The best-known of those early attempts saw George Mallory and Andrew Irvine push toward the summit in 1924. On June 8, both of them were seen just 800m from the summit, pushing upward. Then bad weather hit and engulfed both climbers. Seventy-five long years later, in 1990, Mallory’s body was found at 8,155m. However, the remains of Irvine still have not turned up. Although the contemporary  verdict is that neither of them reached the summit before perishing, some continue to... .... Continue Reading at Explorers Web

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