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Catamaran Sailing has been a real revelation. As with everything boat life, there are ups and downs. Catamaran sailing is also showing some advantages as well as disadvantages compared to our monohull. However overall, the serenity of this life is what is such a draw for us. As we cruise slowly through Pittwater, New South Wales, the serenity is astounding. We are really getting into the swing of Catamaran Life. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and leave a comment ⛵️ To support our work ❤️ Our videos are free for everyone to watch, and always will be. However, we have an amazing community of Patrons who, for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, receive all sorts of benefits and perks. This support allows us to continue bringing our stories to you, so a HUGE thanks to our wonderful Patrons 😊 Click the link above to find out more. If Patreon isn't your thing, there's a lot of other ways to show.... Continue Reading at Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose

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