Casting Off the Lines… Ep 243

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How good it is to be on the move and sailing!! In this episode, we just complete our first overnight passage with our daughter. WE sailed 135 nautical miles in 24 hours and arrive back at the island of Langkawi, Malaysia. We never thought we would be returning to this island, but die to circumstances out of our control, here we are... Our first impressions on our return was how different the island is now, it's a ghost town. Shops are shut. Zero tourists. Immigration think we are illegal. The few remaining yachts have been forgotten about or abandoned and there are numerous sunken boats in the harbours. Masts sticking out of the water.... We are here for only a short time as we begin our passage across from Malaysia to Indonesia. Collecting our packages, collecting the essentials that a tax free island has to offer, we cast off the lines and begin the next chapter of sailing. If you are enjoying our videos, sign up to Patreon to help support us,.... Continue Reading at Sailing Nandji

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