CAMPING IN A SECRET FOREST, THIS IS WHY WE LOVE VAN LIFE | Home is with you (living in a van VLOG)

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We found a secret forest and we're here to stay, at least for the night. Welcome to a day in the life living in a van. After months of building, we're finally back on the road and remembering why we love van life. The best part is that home is everywhere as long as we're together. Q&A - Get to know us : Video Chapters 00:00 - Intro 00:30 - Florida Van Man Fixes Our Broken Door Handles 04:27 - Stop and Play in the Rain 04:56 - Today We're Having an Adventure 06:00 - Paddle boarding in Silver Glen Springs 07:32 - Fun Facts About Florida's Natural Springs 08:11 - Swimming With Fish 09:41 - Secret Spot in Florida 10:12 - Van Life with Dogs 10:42 - Camping in Ocala National Forest 11:46 - What is Nat the Van Chef Making for Dinner? 13:11 - This Secret Hidden Forest Is Gay 13:53 - Eating Dinner On Our Roof Top Deck 14:17 - We Love Our Viewers - Ya'll Are Awesome 16:00 - Bloopers Thanks @Florida Van Man for fixing our door handles! If you have a Sp.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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