Why a Campervan Adventure Is The Perfect Post-Lockdown Holiday

Why a Campervan Adventure Is The Perfect Post-Lockdown Holiday
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Thousands of people across the globe have had their holidays cancelled this year because of the lockdown. But the truth is, even when restrictions are lifted and we have the option to travel, the way we holiday is going to be drastically different for the foreseeable future.

Two-thirds of people who have had holiday plans dashed by the Coronavirus say they plan on taking a trip once lockdown restrictions ease. If you’re planning your own post-lockdown holiday, this post will show you why a campervan adventure is a perfect choice.

No Need to Fly Pick your destination, and GO! – Photo via giomanfroiEven when the lockdown restrictions ease and we’re allowed to travel abroad, there will still be a level of risk involved. Social distancing measures will be in place in airports for some time to come. But honestly, how socially distant can you stay in a metal tube filled with recirculating air?

A campervan holiday means no busy airports or the need f.... Continue Reading at Van Life Adventure

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