WHAT IT’S REALLY LIKE LIVING IN A VAN WITH 2 DOGS? | Q&A- Traveling with Dogs, Ticks, & MORE

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Ever wondered what it’s really like living in a van with 2 dogs? And traveling in a van with dogs? This Q&A is all about Bella and Izzy, our two Blue Merle- Australian Shepherd dogs. We travel in our van with our two dogs full time and we think it’s time to get into detail and answer some of the most popular questions we get. What is it really like? Is it ever too hot for the dogs? How to deal with ticks and other pests? Don’t forget the border crossings! We hope you enjoy this Q&A style vlog and if you are considering Van life and you have a dog this will provide you with the insight you need to start your next greatest adventure on the road. Hello Hello! 👋 We are the VANWIVES a Van Life Couple (Jazmyn and Crystal) and the other two members of our pack are our beautiful Australian Shepherd Van dogs Bella & Izzy. We are a gay couple from Canada women who self converted a 2006 Sprinter Van to a home on wheels. We have been living on the open.... Continue Reading at Van Wives

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