WATERFALL HIKE TURNS US INTO BUTTERFLY WHISPERERS | Female couple travels the world in a van

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This epic waterfall hike turns us into butterfly whisperers! It was certainly a highlight on our journey to travel the world in a van. Watch next: We're a female couple traveling the world in a camper van. We love van life because it brings us closer to nature and allows us to have amazing experiences like this one. Okay, we exaggerated slightly about being butterfly whisperers… but we did hike to a waterfall (King Solomon Falls in Routt National Forest, Colorado) and spent a magical afternoon by the water where we were visited by butterflies! We hope you enjoy this van life adventure as much as we did! Catch you next week! Peace, Nat and Abi ~ LET’S PLAY every day, RIDE the open road AND SEEK new adventure at every turn. We are Natalie and Abigail, aka Nat and Abi, and together with our rescue dogs, Bear and Peluche, we make a family. In 2018 we self converted a 2004 Sprinter Van into a cozy TINY HOME ON WHEELS! Since February 2019 we’ve been a Va.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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