Was That a Squeak? Here’s How to Keep Mice Out of Your Camper

Was That a Squeak? Here’s How to Keep Mice Out of Your Camper
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Photo by: Adventurous WayThe discovery of chewed through food bags or little mouse droppings in your camper isn’t rare. It’s tempting to think that in a camper, like in a house, mice aren’t going to be interested in visiting if you keep everything clean and tidy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case!

Mice and other scavenging critters get used to camping areas where people often leave food scraps when they leave. They build their homes in these areas because they have near-constant easy access to food.

The best defense against mice when you’re camping is to prepare for their eventual arrival, and to use preventative measures to keep them out of your space.

Why worry about having mice in your camper or campsite? Mice are incredibly destructive little creatures. They can sneak into unexpected places and they multiply fast. That means that once you have one or two mice in your camper, there is a good chance that before lo.... Continue Reading at Campendium

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