VanLife Views: Trip Of A Lifestyle’s Favorite National Parks

VanLife Views: Trip Of A Lifestyle’s Favorite National Parks
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Sometime in 2018, Steven and I began to ache for adventure. We’d been working full time at high-stress jobs for a few years, and we were ready for something…different. Thinking back on it, we’re not really sure whose idea it was, but we decided on a cross-country road trip to visit every National Park in the United States. (Yes, even the hard-to-reach parkland in Alaska and on far-flung islands, like those in Hawaii and American Samoa.) And so began our journey of discovering our favorite national parks. 

**All text and photos provided by Lauren and Steven Keys of Trip of a Lifestyle**

We figured out a timeframe: seven months starting in January 2019. We figured out a mode of transportation: a Nissan NV200. And we figured out a rough take on our route: heading southwest from Florida to California to stay in warmer weather during the winter, working our way north and back east as the land thawed and turned into summer.

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