VANLIFE UPGRADE: Why They Chose a TINY HOUSE Instead of an RV or Paying Rent

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Get the Tiny House Building Guide: This tiny house has its Blog! What follows after you feel like you are done with vanlife and it's time for an upgrade? If you start missing the space, the full-size kitchen, the cosiness of the house. Settle down and start paying rent? Keep travelling but this time with an RV? Or an Air Stream? Madeline and Alec Fellows were sure traditional housing wouldn't work for them and started to look at all these options. In this video outdoorsy and adventures-loving couple is sharing why they chose a Tiny House instead of RV or an Airstream, how they made this decision, pros and cons of their Tiny House and, of course, a full Tiny House tour. What's not told in the video, you will find in their blog (which is really interesting and informative!) Instagram of their adventures and thoughts: This tiny house was made by Enjoy this amusing and inspirational story and let us know if you liked it in the comments (if you think it was cool - comment, the algorithm loooves the comments and so this story would be seen by more people with big dreams) Get the Tiny House Building Guide: Connect with Nate Murphy: 📸 Nate is on Instagram: #vanlife #tinyhouse #alternativeliving

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