Vanlife during COVID-19: What to do During the Pandemic

Vanlife during COVID-19: What to do During the Pandemic
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A big topic of conversation in the world right now is how we should handle vanlife during COVID-19. There is a massive amount of information floating around, with constant daily updates on the spread of the pandemic and how we, as vanlifers, should respond. As travelers who live for the ability to move around, it’s challenging for us to be told to stay put. But the big question is, what is the best way for us to handle vanlife during COVID-19? Some people say to go “home”, or stay with friends or family. Don’t have a place to park? Abbi Hearne put together an online spreadsheet for individuals to open up their houses/driveways for vanlifers to park at during the pandemic. Others say to socially isolate out in the middle of nowhere. The most important thing is to slow down the spread of the virus and to take this as seriously as possible. So, what’s the best move? We’ve caught up with a few full-time travelers to figure out how they are persona.... Continue Reading at Go Van

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