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Last week, Abi and I gave each other a makeover. This week, we reveal our new look! As a vanlife couple, it is important to practice self care often. With constant change of scenery, lack of true routine, and always delving into the unknown, it is nice to pamper one another. Sharing makeovers also helps keep the relationship thriving and reiterates our love and care of the relationship. Don't forget to give yourself a new look every once in a while. Your'e worth it! If you like this video, check out part 1 here: Now I don't know about you, but as two females living in a van, we appreciate upgrading our look when possible. We may not get a shower every day or have an excuse to wear makeup often, but we absolutely enjoy hair care. Doing hair color at home is tricky, especially when we have only an outdoor shower and limited water. That certainly doesn't stop us from practicing self care and giving ourselves a transformation. We hope our makeov.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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