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2020, the year everything goes wrong. We should have known the year 2020 was going to be crazy by the way it began for us. It started with one van life trouble after the other... and it happened in Mexico! Watch Next: Full van tour: How we afforded our van purchase and 1st year on the road: How much 1 month of van life costs: How we make money on the road: We're stuck in paradise! How do we get out of this one? In this video, we're showing you our " lost tapes " . On January 2nd 2020, our hard drive crashed and we lost everything. In one second, all of our video footage from our first year of travel was gone. We were devastated. Fortunately, after nearly 10 months, our tech-savy friend was able to fix the damaged hard drive and recovered the lost tapes. Now we're sharing them with you! This video tells the story of how we spent New years eve 2019 and .... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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