Van Life: Tips for Stealth Camping

Van Life: Tips for Stealth Camping
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Stealth camping is the act of camping in an urban area without drawing attention to yourself or your van. If you work in a city and want to live in your van, you’ll likely be stealth camping on the regular. Even for those of you who only visit cities once in a while, it’ll be helpful for you to know some basics about how to stealth camp. 

With the growing popularity of van life, stealth camping really isn’t so stealth anymore. As more people are living in their vehicles, some by choice and some not, many cities like San Diego and Santa Barbara have made it illegal to sleep in your car. Unfortunately, these cities have experienced people acting disrespectfully, littering, and going to the bathroom on the streets and in parking lots. 

A lot of people know how to recognize camper vans by now, but there are still ways to stealth camp, as long as you’re conscientious and respectful when doing so. 

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