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Van life doesn't come without problems. The realities of living in a van hit us hard this week when we ran out of water. Van life problems are REAL but Let's Play Ride and Seek doesn't give up. For us, van life is all about overcoming these challenges! Watch Next: WHY we chose VAN LIFE Want to see what real van life is actually like? Watch this video to see how we overcome running out of water and conquer some other little van life problems. Sure, van life sucks sometimes, but van life challenges won't get us down, in fact, we'll turn the day around and have a van life adventure! We may have ran out of water, but we'll never run out of fun. In this van life vlog, we originally wanted to give you a tour of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. You'll have to watch and see if we make it to Devil Tower! Correction: Abi said Devils tower National monument is located in Northwest Wyoming, she meant Northeast Wyoming. Oops.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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