Van Life in a Covid-19 World

Van Life in a Covid-19 World
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Instagram Pinterest Facebook-f Youtube Twitter Author: Brie Goumaz - Chasing The Wild Goose VAN LIFE IN A COVID-19 WORLD Stretches of highway surrounded by towering mountain passes with green trees covering each side of the road. I’m driving to my next destination where I would likely only stay for 2-3 days. It’s springtime in vanlife and it’s the beginning of our favorite season. The time when life feels the fullest, we hop from mountain to mountain mixed with a little desert landscape and ocean coastlines between, trying our best to soak up every ounce of sunshine that we possibly can for the next 6 months.  Our plans for spring into the summer included all of the magic you would expect out of van lifers. A trip from California to Nova Scotia with some work mixed in between, it was going to be our best summer yet. This would be the year we lived in the moment for every.... Continue Reading at Divine On The Road

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