VAN LIFE: How to 4X4 conversion in 10 EASY STEPS 🔧

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Van Life: How to do a 4x4 conversion in just 10 simple steps! In this episode, we show you how to convert a 2WD Ford van into a lifted 4WD Overlanding BEAST! The majority of the parts came from an F350 pickup truck and the rest from Ujoint Offroad. We live in the van full time so we did this conversion in just 4 days while sleeping in the van on the lift overnight inside of the shop. 𓂀 SUBSCRIBE 𓂀 : HUGE THANKS 🙏🏼 to Ian and Kevin at Coastal Auto Repair in PB for providing the shop/lift and making this conversion possible! ❤️ SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL ❤️ ☘︎︎ OUR PAYPAL ☘︎︎ : ☘︎︎ OUR CASHAPP ☘︎︎ :$philipnlidia ☘︎︎ OUR VENMO ☘︎︎ : ☘︎ ︎JOIN OUR PATREON ☘︎: https.... Continue Reading at Philip & Lidia

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