Van Life: Finding Campsites on the Road

Van Life: Finding Campsites on the Road
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Finding campsites while traveling in the van can be more challenging than you would think, especially if you’re trying to get out of paid campgrounds to save a little cash and get further off the grid.

In this lesson, I share my experience of going from paying for camping at campgrounds every night to camping for free most nights in my van. I’ve included a list of apps and resources I use and share my step by step process for finding epic free places to camp while on the road.

Table Of ContentshideResources for on the RoadHow to Find Free CampsitesTools for Finding Free CampsitesVan Life Camping TipsOther Options for Free Overnight ParkingResources Section .gutentoc-toc-wrap ul li a, .gutentoc-toc-title-wrap .text_open{ color: undefined}} Resources for on the Road Before we dive into how to find campsites while on the road, the first thing I recommend is to download the apps listed here. I’ll also put them in the resources sect.... Continue Reading at Bear Foot Theory

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