VAN LIFE COUPLE : Finally returning home after 2 years on the road + celebrating our anniversary

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We quit our jobs, sold everything, got married and hit the road. Now, it's 2 years later and we're returning home where it all started. Will we go back to our lives in Charleston or will we keep living the van life? Watch Next, Our Van Life Essentials: It's been a wild ride living in a van as newlyweds. Not every couple can survive van life. Living in a 90 sq ft box on wheels with a partner will certainly test a relationship. Somehow, we not only survive but we thrive living in our van. We can't imagine living any other way. Join us for a day of van life in Charleston, SC as we celebrate our wedding anniversary! Cheers, Nat and Abi ~ Lets Play Ride and Seek . LET’S PLAY every day, RIDE the open road AND SEEK new adventure at every turn. We are Natalie and Abigail, aka Nat and Abi, and together with our rescue dogs, Bear and Peluche, we make a family. In 2018 we turned a 2004 Sprinter Van into a cozy off grid tiny home on wheels so that.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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