VAN BUILD FAIL our magnetic ceiling is a DIY DISASTER | female couple building an off grid tiny home

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Building an off grid tiny home is tough for amatuers like us and there's going to be frustrations and challenges along the way. Well, this is one of those times. We're excitedly installing a unique magnetic cedar plank ceiling but everything goes wrong. Will it end up being a diy disaster? It certainly is a van build fail for now, but we're not giving up... yet. Wanna see how our ceiling should have looked? Or curious about a proper tutorial? Check out Seven O Savage : Watch Next: Destroying our first van build: Building an artistic wood partition: We're building an off grid tiny home and on top of that we're building on a budget! Are we crazy to tear apart our first camper van build? Maybe a little but we think these new improvements will be worth it. We're saving costs where we can by using scrap wood and recycled materials, showing you that a budget sprinter va.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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