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Welcome back! Today we're making a Vegan buffalo chicken sandwhich + YES, we're cooking in a van. It doesn't matter how tiny your kitchen is, you can still make vegan meals big in flavor. Full Recipe: https://letsplayrideandseek.com/food-1/2020/9/15/ultimate-vegan-buffalo-chicken-sandwich Vegan fried chicken at home? Yes, it's absolutely possible and in this video we're showing you just how to make your own plant based chicken at home. Watch and learn the secret to making homemade seitan that tastes like chicken. Move over Morningstar... Popeye's who?... This is the best vegan chicken you'll ever taste! Once you've made this vegan sandwhich, you can adapt the vegan chicken recipe to make vegan chicken nuggets, vegan chicken tenders and more! Enjoy, Chef Nat ~ Have you tried Chef Nat's easy vegan recipes? Take a photo and tag us @letsplayrideandseek on instagram! We love to see your creations. ~ Chef Nat's Vegan Kitchen Basics - RECIPES: Vegetable Stock from scraps: https://l.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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