TRAVEL WITH A TINY HOUSE // This Woman Took Her Tiny House All Over Australia

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Get the Tiny House Building Guide: Follow Ashlee on her Instagram: Ashlee has moved to a tiny house to be able to travel full time and live in the most beautiful places in Australia. Her main requirement for a tiny house was to be able to tow it with her own car. Due to this reason this tiny house is smaller than most of the other tiny houses. However, it does have full-size bed and shower, a giant sink and plenty of storage for other things. Even though Ashlee knew that at some point she would want to move back to a big house, so far tiny living works flawlessly for her current lifestyle. The company that built the tiny house was: Let me know if you have enjoyed this alternative living tour, don't forget to help us out by liking and subscribing :) Get the Tiny House Building Guide: Connect with Nate Murphy: 📸 Nate is on Instagram: #tinyhouse #minimalist #alternativeliving

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