Tiny House Gets Blue Ponderosa Pine For Interior, Tucker Gets In Purple Paint!

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In todays RV VLOG I show the wood I'm using to put in the interior of my tiny house. It is Ponderosa Pine that has been infected with a tree killing beetle. It releases and enzyme that turns the lumber blue inside the tree. It is very sought after. I just got lucky and got it by chance! Tucker one of my yorkies is stuck to me like glue as I paint the tiny house purple. He gets into some paint..knew that was going to happen! Interior is not finished but it is started! Hope you enjoy video! CVK https://www.patreon.com/CampervanKevin -support CVK here For As Little As $1 Per Month You Can Support The Channel Directly Here! I See This As Nothing More Than A Tip Jar. If You Get Value And/Or Entertainment From My Work Please Consider Tipping Me For My Work. IT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Pledging Just A Little Here Shows Me Just How Much My Hard Work Means To My Viewers I Create Content For! THANK YOU! This Helps Keep Gas In The RV Tank And The Woof Pack And I On The Road Making Conte.... Continue Reading at Campervan Kevin

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