The Desert Cruiser ☀️ | HIGH SPEC Off-Grid VAN CONVERSION | Massive GARAGE for 4 BIKES 🚴

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Get the Van Conversion Guide: Rent a Van with Outdoorsy - THIS VAN: FOLLOW them on INSTAGRAM; SUBSCRIBE to them on YOUTUBE; About this van: Cody & Christina built this van to live a life away from the city and be able to spend more time out in nature and waste less money on high city rent! They've done an incredible job with their self-converted campervan and have set it up really well to be able to spend long periods of time off grid; from it's massive solar and battery array, to it's large water store, to it's wi boost, which keeps them connected to good wifi for work, even when way out in the desert. The van even manages to squeeze in a Natures Head composting toilet! Connect with Nate Murphy: 📸 Nate is on Instagram: #vanconversion #vanlife #vantour

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