The Best Small Generators for RV Boondockers

The Best Small Generators for RV Boondockers
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While many RV campers rely on campsites with power hookups, others may travel to dry camping areas and need an alternate source of power. For those that prefer to venture well off the beaten path in their RVs, small generators can supply enough power to handle your bevy of RV amenities. Plus, they can also provide power for a jump-start in case your RV battery dies.

However, not all small generators are the same, and not all of them will fit your needs. That is why it’s essential to understand what kind of generator you’ll need, the ways you’ll typically use it, and how much total power it’s able to provide. Adding a reliable generator to your RV is a relatively easy way to upgrade your rig, and improve its versatility and functionality.

Normal Generators vs. Inverters When purchasing a small generator, the first thing you want to know is what kind you’ll need. While larger generators may provide more power, they are not the most practical.... Continue Reading at The Dyrt

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